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Local Enrichment

Visual Arts

Yountville’s visual arts program includes classroom art lessons, monthly art teachers, and professional visiting artists. Students receive art instruction in their classrooms using the Arts Attack (the registered trademark for a purchased program) with specific skill objectives taught through a variety of medium by classroom teachers as well as other developed art curriculum.

In addition, students grades K-5 receive art instruction monthly from our art teachers.  Curriculum is based on the elements of art (color, line, form, texture, shape).  The final projects are displayed at Open House.

Our Guest Artists Program, sponsored through the Napa Arts Council and our Parent Teacher Association, brings in professional artists from the community. These artists provide lessons in cartooning, painting, sculpture, ceramics, puppetry, and many other forms of visual arts. Through the making of their own art, students learn to invent, experiment, take risks, make mistakes, and learn from each other.They learn to value originality, artistic freedom, and the art process. Arts-attack-logo

Theater Arts

Missoula Children's Theater (MCT) is an annual week-long theater program that Yountville Elementary is extremely fortunate to be able to offer to its students. Each year, two directors from MCT produces a stage performance starring our kids- from auditions to performance in one week! 


Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity of taking strings or band classes weekly. This offers the chance to learn about of several skill areas such as tone quality, pitch, and rhythmic perception. Band and Strings students perform throughout the year in various school and community events. 

Our Garden

A white picket fence surrounds our school garden filled with raised beds bursting with color.  This outdoor classroom is used by students for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers throughout the school year and allows a hands-on experience working in plant life science.

Our Parent Teachers Association funds the school garden program.

Over the summer, we work hard to make sure the kids and teachers come back to a beautiful outdoor classroom.  This fall, kids returned to several beds ready and waiting for planting.  AND, the Summer camp benefited from fresh basil, squash, eggplant and watermelon!