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Behavioral Expectations

Common Areas

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful



  • Keep aisles clear (backpacks and coats stored outside)

  • Enter and exit in an orderly manner

  • Bring all necessary materials to class each day (homework, backpack, etc.)

  • Use your time efficiently

  • Value school supplies and property

  • Use appropriate language and kind language

  • Keep your workspace clean

  • Speak when it’s your turn

  • Ask permission to leave classroom



  • Keep the doorway clear

  • Enter and exit in an orderly manner

  • Sit and Stand Where directed.

  • Represent Yountville School in a positive manner

  • Ask for help calmly and politely

  • Remember “Please” and “Thank You”

  • Inside voices only

  • Be mindful of others and wait quietly for your turn.

eating areas

Eating Areas (Lunch Tables or Classrooms) 

  • Walking feet to tables

  • Sit on the benches facing the table

  • Keep hands, feet and objects to self

  • Eat your own food

  • Pick up all trash and put it in  proper containers

  • Raise your hand to use the bathroom or drinking fountain

  • Wait to be excused

  • Use appropriate positive school language

  • Use quiet voices

  • Make room for others to sit down

  • Use “please” and “thank you”



  • Ask for permission

  • Walking feet

  • Wash your hands

  • Report water on floor

  • Use recess time for bathroom breaks

  • Keep the bathroom clean

  • Use the restroom and return immediately to class

  • Use and dispose of paper towels and toilet paper appropriately

  • Use only as much paper as you need.

  • Flush

multi purpose room

Multi Purpose Room

  • Enter and exit in an orderly manner

  • Hands, feet, and objects to self

  • Walking feet

  • Keep lunch cards and money in quiet hands

  • Stand in BEST lines

  • Show appreciation to speaker or performance

  • Use your 6 inch inside voice

  • Stand still in line

  • Wait politely for your turn

  • During assemblies sit on bottom, facing forward



  • Enter and exit BEST line

  • Hands, feet and objects to self

  • Walking feet

  • Sit away from bookcase

  • Return books in same conditioned borrowed

  • Return books on time

  • Use ruler to replace book

  • Reshelf books in a proper manner

  • Use a 6 inch voice

  • Stand still in line

  • Wait politely for your turn

  • Wait at the end of the line for special request

computer lab

Computer Lab 

  • Enter and exit in BEST lines

  • Hands and feet to self

  • Walking feet

  • Follow computer lab rules at all times

  • Leave a clean and tidy workstation

  • Take care of all computer equipment

  • Work quietly

  • Raise your hand if you need help

  • Ask permission to leave computer lab


kids with backpacks

Arrival  and  Dismissal

  • Walk to your morning line

  • Stand in line with hands, feet, and objects to self

  • At the end of the day walk to after school program or wait in designated pickup area

  • Keep your backpack and personal items with you

  • Make sure you have everything you need before leaving the classroom

  • Use quiet voices

  • Stay in your BEST line

  • Ask the yard duty for help

  • Raise your hand to get a drink or use the bathroom

play area

Play Areas  (blacktop & yard)

  • Walk to the play area

  • Follow game rules at all times

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Stay in supervised areas only

  • Be aware of activities/ games around you

  • Once you leave the classroom, stay outside

  • Return any borrowed equipment to the ball carts

  • Eat snack  benches and throw away trash when finished

  • Please use the bathroom

  • If you have a problem, go to the yard duty

  • Use recess time wisely

  • Play fairly and include everyone

  • Show good sportsmanship

  • Wait in line patiently and quietly